What we did today

The girls and I had a full day: We went rode in a school bus and went to get our hair cut and dyed. Lydia got yellow hair. Arlene got pink hair. I got green hair. Then we rode in a school bus to school. Then we went to work. Then we rode the school bus back home and we played catch. Then we ate lunch. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches of course. Then we built a Lincoln Logs house for Arlene’s bunny named Puffy Bun. Then we flew around the house like Tinkerbell. Then we flew around the house like Jasmin on a magic carpet. Then we built a boat and sailed to Florida. Then we played hide-and-seek, but it wasn’t really hide-and-seek because whenver it was Lydia’s turn to hide she would tell us right where she was. Then we watched 101 Dalmations and got scared when that mean lady wanted to steal the puppies. We don’t like her one bit. Then we got tired so we took a nap. When we woke up Daddy was on his way home, so we made brownies and cut them up into little heart shapes. Then we had saurkraut for dinner. Mommy and Lydia love saurkraut, Arlene and Daddy do not. After dinner a monster came over and stole Puffy Bun and Hannah Montana and ate them both! We attacked the monster and he gave them back. Then we played Candy Land and Arlene cheated horribly and almost won, but Lydia surpassed her by one turn and won! Yay! What a day!

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