I’m excited too, but …

… I’m not insane. There are people camping out at IKEA right now before the store opens on Wednesday. Click here to see a video about it. The funniest (craziest?) part is the guy that talks about “consumerism as religion” and then I belive he likens his campout at Ikea to a “pilgrimage.” Oh, ooooookaaaaaay buddy.

3 thoughts on “I’m excited too, but …

  1. A. says:

    I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go into an IKEA store. I’ve heard such horror stories about the lines and how crowded it is. I hate situations like that.The one in Canton, MI opened in the summer of 06 and people still complain about the lines and parking when they go there. ‘Herded like cattle’ is my favorite comment!When you go, wear comfy shoes – and let us know what you think!

  2. You have to go at an odd time around here to not get a crowd. Saturdays are the worse. We skipped church one Sunday and went before lunch, not too bad then. Tony has ran in there before it pick me up something during the day and it wasn’t so bad. The first visit will be crazy because you will want to look and touch everything. Depending how often you go (we were there often when we first moved) you kind of get a feel for the place and exhibits don’t change a whole lot. Then you can kind of streamline pass the first timers.

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