What. A. Weekend.

Our weekend was crazy packed full busy. It’s Sunday night now and I’m wishing we had tomorrow off work too just to recouperate from the weekend! On Saturday we had an appointment with the market manager of the new neighborhood we want to build in. We have a lot now!! We picked out the specifications of our floor plan and signed on the dotted line to have them begin the process of construction. The whole process will take about six months. If our house doesn’t sell in that timeframe there are ways that they can delay the closing date on the new house.

We now have a house in a box:

They gave us the box to house all of our paperwork. I was most excited – I just love organizational items! The next step for the new house is that we will finalize the financing – fun! Not really, it makes me want to puke. We’ll be paying more for the new house, but it’s much bigger, so we just need to deal. Our lot is gorgeous, it has a tree line in the back and a babbling (really, it babbles!) creek, then another tree line, then there is going to be a park with a walking trail constructed. It’s really quiet and the street is a no-outlet street so the girls will be safe. [We don’t even let the girls in the front yard where we live now because the street is insanely busy.] There was three inches of snow so I didn’t get any pictures. I will post some once the snow melts!

So that was Saturday … on Sunday we woke up to a phone call that we had a showing at our house. So we organized and cleaned and had to waste time somewhere so we checked out the new Ohio Valley Antiques Mall. I found soooo many things that I wanted to buy. But I just got two items:

The sign on the glass said it was an ice bucket. It’d be a pretty small ice bucket. I’m not sure what I’m going to use it for … for now it’s going to sit next Mr. Frog. The book is super cute – I’ll use some of the images for pendants.

When we got back to the house we weren’t even sure if anyone had been there. Usually there is a rug askew or the shower curtain is pulled back – sure signs someone’s been checking the place out. None of that today. Hmmm … at least there is interest though. We had a showing Wednesday night and the feedback was that the peeps were “maybe” interested.

Oh, in the meantime of all this house selling/building excitement this weekend, I made an Ipod cozie! My friend A. sent me some super soft n’ fuzzy yarn last week. Turned out pretty cute!

Lydia was excited that I ordered pizza for dinner! Wahoo!
I’m tired, I’m going to watch the Oscars in bed now!

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