Going postal

I’ve been frequenting my local post office much more lately mailing out items sold on my Etsy shop. I love my post office – it’s clean, it’s close, and the workers are friendly and very helpful. I have to give props to the workers – they deal with a bunch of crap. And they are so nice through it all. I try my best to be cheerful whenever I’m in there, because it seems like everyone else has a scowl on their face or is confrontational to each other in line or mean to the clerks. Why is it that the post office brings out the worst in people? Even if there is a line, it typically moves pretty quickly. It’s not like you’re plunking down a bunch of cash – postage is relatively cheap. So why the hostility? I don’t get it!

One thought on “Going postal

  1. SO TRUE!!!I don’t understand either why people feel they need to be so angry and irritated when they go to the post office. Just be patient, wait your turn, and someone will get to you soon enough!

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