We took the girls to see Hannah Montana! Mike even went! I took pictures (I felt like a dork, but I didn’t care, it was a big deal for the girls to go to a big girl movie!! all but one came out too dark and fuzzy, but oh well) The girls were all a buzz all day about going to the movie. Arlene picked out her Hannah Montana shirt to wear today, and also insisted that I do her hair up with two pony tail holders, two clips, and two barrettes. They talked about the concert all day and were so impatient while we were eating dinner because they were ready to see Hannah NOW! We went to the theater early because we weren’t sure if there would be a crowd. It wasn’t bad. (What was bad was the $30 ticket price! And that was for TWO adult tickets! Geez! We lied and said the girls were 2 years old so we didn’t have to pay to get them in. That would have been an extra $14.) Because we overestimated the crowds, we had to sit in the theater for about 20 minutes waiting for the show to start. When the show started Arlene got scared because of the freaky previews. They had a preview for another Disney 3D movie about the middle of the Earth, or something, and they showed a dinosaur coming at you in 3D – I didn’t blame Arlene for getting scared! She kept grabbing onto my arm and holding tight.

The previews lasted what seemed like HOURS and Arlene kept saying “I want to see Hannah Montana!” When she finally started it was pretty cool! Arlene sat there in awe and didn’t move a muscle for about 30 minutes. Lydia danced in her seat and then got tired and crawled up on Mike’s lap. She refused to wear her 3D glasses from that point on, so I don’t know what she got out of the movie because it was blurry without the glasses on. Arlene kept hers on and was incredibly ecstatic when the Jonas Brothers came on stage. She “loves” the Jonas Brothers because they are “cute”! Oh dear! My favorite part of the movie was when Miley sat on stage with her guitar and sang a song about missing her grandpa – she had on what I presume was one of his old cardigan sweaters – it was a men’s sweater and looked old and worn. I thought that was really sweet. The movie was super cute and Miley Cyrus is one heck of a talented little girl. She seems wise beyond her years and I can only hope that she stays smart and doesn’t let her fame get the best of her!

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