Should we go?

I am considering taking Arlene to see the Hannah Montana movie. She has seen the previews for it and her little eyes light up. She knew that Hannah came to town last year, but that she couldn’t go see her because the tickets were all sold out. I checked the movie times and it’s almost all sold out for Saturday and Sunday … the only times available for Sunday are at 8 a.m. and 9:30 p.m. So either we’d have to get up super early or go to bed super late! There are showtimes available during the week … that might be the better, less busy option. I think it’s going to be nuts no matter what time we go, but I guess that would be part of the experience for her.

3 thoughts on “Should we go?

  1. AP says:

    There is also a Dr. Suess musical at Sycamore High School today 2pm, 7pm, and sunday at 2pm. If we are back from cleveland in time sunday I am going to take the kids. Haley would LOVE to see hannah montana too!! She dances around the house singing. She and Arlene should put on their own concert!

  2. you should go. but without your husband. leave him alone at home. he is a good man and does not need to be subjected to anymore girlie pop sensation hype. so much for having twin boys…

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