New camera!

I got a new camera! Well, technically it’s not “mine” but it’s home for the weekend for me to try out. I bought the camera for work because a co-worker needed a new camera. She got my older camera and I bought myself a new one, worked out nicely! I am anxious to try the camera out this weekend. I want to experiment with it and learn how to use it so that I can take good photos for work. We need a new camera at home, so if this camera works good, we’ll probably end up buying one for ourselves. Ours isn’t taking good photos anymore … I tried re-setting it but the photos still aren’t coming out right. Out of focus, not enough flash, grainy. We had taken about a bazillion photos with the thing, so I guess it served its purpose! This new camera is awesome – it’s a Canon 8.0 megapixel. It has a bunch of features that I have to learn how to use. I’m going to get the light box out tomorrow and try taking some pendant photos. That’s the real test – if it takes good pendant photos then we definetely need to buy one for ourselves!

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