Bad pictures or just not interested?

I’m confused, yet I have a theory. Etsy keeps a count of how many views a listing gets in my store. My current most popular item is the “Penmanship Pendant.” It’s gotten 198 views as of the writing of this post. (yet no one has bought it!) It’s hard for resin pendants to be visible in Etsy, because the competition is fierce. Do a search for “resin pendants” – there are 2,655 listings! I’d like to think that my pendants are in their own little world, because they are different than most of the pendants out there. I was most excited two weeks ago when I made the sequin heart pendants. There weren’t any sequin heart pendants on the site, and I thought that they’d be popular. But they’re not! I think either people are too inundated with Valentine’s related items on Etsy, OR, my pictures do not do the pendants justice, so people are not interested. The heart pendants are my all-time favorite of anything that I’ve ever made (and that is saying a lot). They sparkle and twinkle and are really unique. But they don’t look that cool in the photos. Ho hum. Thoughts? Bad photos? Boring pendants? Not cool? Too many heart things on Etsy already?

3 thoughts on “Bad pictures or just not interested?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Are the pictures like the one posted on your blog? It’s a great pic, but I can’t see the front. Just a suggestion…Smurfy

  2. Smurfy – I have pics of all angles on my site. This is just the “side” view. 🙂 This weekend I’m going to try to take some new (better) pics – maybe that’ll help.

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