Busy beading

Tonight I did some beading projects …

A name bracelet for a friend of a friend.

A watch for my mom made out of garnet stones. Pretty!

A bracelet for me!

A cell phone charm, how cute! That’s a Petoskey stone bead at the end. The downer is that my phone doesn’t have a hook for it so I can’t use it. Drat!

4 thoughts on “Busy beading

  1. Hello! I am Terry’s wife Jenn! I just wanted to say hello! I think that is still so funny how you know Terry! haha!I just wanted to say you make some of the cutest things! I have seen some of your stuff before on the website and it is way cute! I really like some of this jewelry (the watch is awesome)! I started teaching myself to bead, it is fun and very addicting, though I don’t know much on the technical end. Did you teach yourself? Take any classes?

  2. Hi Jenn!! I just taught myself along the way how to bead … learning tricks as I went. I think the next time I’m in Toledo visiting Amber we need to get together and go to the bead store!

  3. A. says:

    A. I love the bracelet for Kelly and B. I love that you and Jenn are chatting! A group trip to the bead store and a crafting session are definitely on the next agenda!

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