The business of TV

Okay, this really bothers me. I’m not even sure why. These two gals were on the show The Apprentice. Ereka (on the left), was on season one of the Apprentice, which I watched religiously (I was pregnant at the time and didn’t do a whole lot other than lay on the couch, ha!) Ereka is now the host of HGTV’s “KidSpace” – a design show about redesigning a kids’ room to meet their “growing needs.” How do you go from trying to be The Donald’s second-hand woman, to painting walls on TV? I don’t get it. She’s kind of a bad host, too.
WORSE!!! This other gal, Kendra, (on the right) actually WON the Apprentice! She was the first woman to win the show. And now she’s hosting the HGTV show “My House Is Worth What?” And she’s not a very good host either!!!
I thought that the whole point of being on the Apprentice was to BE The Donald’s apprentice? I admit I figured that the winners wouldn’t actually work with him, but I guess I didn’t figure that they’d be on home improvement TV shows!! It just seems wrong or something!

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