Exterior illumination

I have to admit it, I really hate icicle Christmas lights*. I think they look really awful during the day, and they honestly don’t look much better at night. Don’t people know that they’re supposed to attempt to straighten them out so the “icicles” look like “real icicles”? Icicles do not form at 90 degree angles people! Just today I saw two different houses that had icicle lights strewn on their bushes. Icicles on bushes – come on! Get some creativity! If you’re going to spend the extra money to buy the stupid things, at least make them look presentable.

* Sorry Mom and Dad. I do like your icicle Christmas lights.

2 thoughts on “Exterior illumination

  1. A. says:

    I never knew you felt this way about icicle lights. I guess I’ll go take mine down. Just kidding! We don’t have any. I kinda like them in small quantities. At night.

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