"This isn’t the nutcracker!"

My mom and I took the girls to the Nutcracker Ballet this weekend and Lydia absolutely LOVED it. She is fascinated by ballerinas and was in awe of the show. When we first got to the theater we had to go to the restroom. The girls were dutifully following us. We got into the bathroom and as Grandma was opening a stall door, Lydia says, “This isn’t the Nutcracker!” It was so funny how she said it – it was like she just realized, HEY! this isn’t it! She didn’t know where we were or that we were in the bathroom, I guess she thought we were heading to the play and it wasn’t until she saw the toilet that she realized we weren’t. Both girls did really good during the show. They sat still and were quiet. Lydia got scared of the rat king and was very relieved when he took off his mask. They were the youngest kids in the audience and I was very proud of them for doing so good!

One thought on “"This isn’t the nutcracker!"

  1. A. says:

    Did you see that the CareBears have a Nutcracker DVD? I saw it at Meijer this weekend. I almost bought it for the girls, but I wasn’t sure if they had it.

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