The will of a three year old

While I embrace individuality and encourage the girls to try new things, these last few days have been a real test of patience! Mike is out of town being with his parents, so it’s just me running the ship at home. Which is fine, the girls and I have been having fun. For the most part. There have been countless battles of will and lots of “I want to do it MYSELF!” screams. Arlene is the worse at wanting to do it HERSELF. She has a mean stubborn streak. Last night it took THIRTY FIVE MINUTES to get them dressed for bed. Why? Because Arlene wanted to put on her pj’s herself. The pj’s were the footed and zippered kind. Lydia tried to do it herself but then asked for help. Arlene refused help. She tried and tried and got mad and even more mad when they just wouldn’t go on. Finally she gave up and did ask for help. She was all sweaty and exhausted and had given up, which is good because she had tired herself out and went straight to sleep! This morning it was much of the same thing as she tried to put on a hooded shirt herself. She couldn’t get it figured out and was getting more and more frustrated! We were in a hurry to leave the house so I made the grave mistake of telling her “You can’t do it yourself, let me help you!” That pretty much threw her over the edge. She had 10 minutes of flopping around on the floor and screaming and crying and only after I threatened to make her stay home today did she stop crying and begrudgingly let me help her get the stupid shirt on. She pouted all the way to Grandma’s house and told me, “I can get my shirt on myself mommy, I’m a big girl!” I replied, “Sometimes even big girls need to ask for help sometimes.” She said, “But you not need any help!” I said, “Sometimes I do!” Geez.

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