The King and I

I had mistakenly created some sort of mental block around Burger King. I just refused to eat there. Told myself I didn’t like it, never ever considered it a choice in our fast food repertoire. I cannot honestly remember the last time that I ate there … it has to be 10 years or more ago. Well the other night I wanted to go to Hobby Lobby but was under the gun to get there on time and give myself enough time to shop (how annoying are their store hours?! they close at 8 p.m.!). We also needed to eat, and there was a BK right next door. I thought, why not, let’s try it. I absolutely LOVED IT! The girls LOVED it. Their chicken nuggets are tasty – better than McDonalds!! They both got crowns. LOVED THEM. It was a great dining experience!

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