Awesome blogs, awesome books

I warn you, once you start reading the following blogs I’m about to recommend, you will be hooked, and before you know it, two hours will have passed!

Last night, I found a blog called To-Do List. It’s here. The blog’s author collected a whole bunch of to-do lists. Then it was turned into a book. I read the blog for an hour and a half last night. I just couldn’t stop reading. And then I bought the book today! And THEN, I found this blog called Post Secret. The blog is here. Oh my goodness. I could spend days on this site. People send in their secrets on post cards. It’s amazing. There are four books. I want them all! When you’re on the blog site, scroll down to the “Post Secret Community” link. There are audio files of secrets that people have recorded.

2 thoughts on “Awesome blogs, awesome books

  1. b says:

    Post secrets is cool, I think that I would like the list one too, it makes me think of my wife. She is a chronic list maker. I will have to read more later.

  2. A. says:

    My coworker Michelle made me a To-Do list on Oct. 3 that I kept it says:Today 10/3:Kill spidersFix water machineMake rabies quiltStrange 1 personRespond to spamDitch Neal @ lunchRemove dead cricket by fridgeReplace toner – by yourself!Ignore advertisersHug one member of ‘the trifecta’Put Sarah’s cell phone in the ceilingIt made my day! Did you catch The Office references? She wrote it on an Office note pad.

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