First day jitters

The girls are starting pre-school tomorrow! I’ve set out their outfit, picked out their socks, packed their backpack, and wrote their names on all of their stuff in black Sharpie. They’re going to get a good breakfast in the morning and “do” their hair with their special Mickey Mouse barrettes.

As I was writing their names on the tags of their “spare outfit” and I got a little teary eyed … my little babies are growing up so fast! I can’t believe they are almost three years old. This pre-school is really just a social activity for them, but it’s actually called pre-school, so it feels official. I’m nervous. I’m not nervous for them, I think they’ll do just fine. I think I’m more nervous for myself. This is a big step! This is the first time they’ll be alone, without us or their grandparents or some other family member.

One thought on “First day jitters

  1. A. says:

    I CANNOT believe they are going to pre-school. When I read their social calendar in your e-mail, I was laughing and sad and laughing. Where does the time go?P.S. Soooo glad you have a blog! I LOVE it!

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